11. Decided to Wear Yellow

Got sick of wearing blue and white.

7. Tasted the Most Bitter Thing

The bitter the medicine, the wiser you are - a Chinese saying

I'm vowing off being sick from now on.

5. Watched a Fantastic Movie

There are still good things out there; you've just got to have an open heart to find them.

Will now try to dance like Gene Kelly. I'm impressed!

4. Laughed

Cos that's always the highlight of the day.

3. Saw a Preserved Foetus

I always thought my school was hiding something secret!

Also, it'd be great for my Weird and Strange Things I Collect Collection.

2. Sang in the Rain

Gene Kelly-Singing In The Rain

an alias | MySpace Video

Will sing and DANCE in the rain someday.
For now, I will stick to singing this.

1. I Made A Blog

The official blog for Project A Dream A Day, to be exact. ;)

Hello first post!