16. Joined (And Made!) An Art Group

Obscurus - Comics, Illustration, Art
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Ever since I was 14; I've always wanted to be a part of an artistic team.

In my 14 years old skull, I dreamt up of ten thousand ways my team could possibly be made famous: movies, blogs, unrealistically fantastic art, books, cereal bowls, underwear, anything!

In my post-puberty head, all of us were hopping up the stage to pick up our Oscar for Best Animated Film/Short, with only a few words to say as our Thank You speech; "HA, TOLD YOU SO."

In my mid-adolescent mind, we worked in a house in a forest. And the house in the forest was where weird and funny things happen.

We haven't gotten there yet.

Hopefully we will.

What I'm also giddy about is that Obscurus, the name for my "imaginary, dream" art team when I was 14, was chosen for the one I'm joining.


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