19. A Sudden Surge of Activity

You must be wondering why this blog is suddenly revving back to life.

It's all because I searched myself up in Google.

Yes, I admit it. I do that (mostly it's because I want to check what's the first URL in the results; unfortunately, it's my Twitter. :[ ). Yeah, you do it too.

A post by this blogger called Caitlin
(who follows this blog. SORRY I'VE DONE A GREAT DISSERVICE TO YOU) turned up at the recesses of the Results page, prompting me to take a look. She mentioned this blog. She said she was inspired by the idea behind it.

And my brain clicked.

If this silly blog could inspire someone, even just a little bit, to consider their lives, then by gosh, it better keep on living for that purpose. If I can inspire one person, what if I could inspire 2 or 10 or a billion?!

So thank you, Caitlin, for INSPIRING me.

Keep on dreaming!

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